City of Muscatine

MPW History of Sustainability Initiatives

At Tuesday night’s Board of Water, Electric and Communications Trustees meeting, the Trustees were presented a summary of Muscatine Power and Water’s (MPW) ongoing...

Muscatine School District

How the ‘Potty Press’ got its royal throne

By Sascha Cacho, first year guest writer for the MHS Auroran Today from the journalism one class The students in the newspaper class have lots...

Upcoming Muscatine Events

Upcoming Events

Talk of the Town


Thank you, delivery drivers!

December is here, and that means folks working as delivery drivers will be extremely busy for the next few weeks. I want to say...

Musco Shining A Light on Area Schools

Shining a Light on Area Schools: Beatrice Goldberry

What do you enjoy most about school? "I really enjoy being able to serve my peers, learn new things, and challenge myself." Name: Beatrice Goldberry Grade: Senior School:...

Pearls of Muscatine

Pearl of Muscatine: Marc Hines

MUSCATINE, Iowa--Before transferring to the University of Iowa, Marc Hines never gave a lot of thought to working with people with disabilities. However, he...

Pearl of Muscatine: Wayne Johanson

MUSCATINE, Iowa--40 years ago, Wayne Johanson came to Muscatine to take a job in the financial sector. A graduate of Washington High School who...