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Lunch today:

Cheese Burger

Bosco Stick

Potato Wedges

Assorted Fruit

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Students lost and found is located in the main office and is growing! Stop by if you are missing something.

Activity passes are available in the office they are $40.00 a check or cash can be sent to school with your student.  Credit cards cannot be used over the phone you can however purchase through your Powerschool payment account.  One important difference though is that JH and Elementary students can not come to HS games unless they are with a parent.

 Yearbooks are now on sale, they are $16.00 check or money can be sent to the office.  Credit cards cannot be accepted over the phone but you are welcome to come to the office to make a purchase or use your Powerschool.


Interesting Facts About Sign Language:

Deaf Awareness Week Friday, September 25, 2020

Interesting Facts:

Did you know that……………….

 Glenn Anderson is First African American Alumnus of Gallaudet University to earn a doctorate and first African American to become a Gallaudet Trustee. He is currently a professor at the University of Arkansas.

Louis Long also known as the Silent Warrior is a bully beating American Pro Wrestler.  He is the founder of the Deaf Wrestling Alliance.

James Anthony is the custodian at Hickerson Elementary in Tennessee. He got his claim to fame when the students at his school learned to sign Happy Birthday to surprise him.  He is a mentor and inspiration to all the students he serves.

Gerry Hughes was the first deaf man to sail solo around the world.  

Lou Ferringno is a bodybuilder and actor.  He was the youngest man to win Mr. Universe.  He is best known for playing The Incredible Hulk 1977-1982. 


Video:  Mandy Harvey signing an original song

Heather Whitestone dancing in the 1995 Miss America talent competition. She had spent two years preparing it, counting the beats with her hands on the stereo speakers. Once the music started, she did every move according to the memorized count in her head.

Video:  Deaf Greats

Videos:  How Hearing Works:

Hearing loss Simulation:

What I Wish Hearing People Knew


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Parents, please call SCJH for attendance 563-263-0411 we are no longer using the attendance email or phone number.

 If your student needs a book to read click the link for more information BookDash

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