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West Liberty Public Library and West Liberty Area Arts Council to Perform

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 This year, Dorianne Rees, Linley Heath, Deb Lowman, and others at the West Liberty Public Library wanted to bring a theater production to West Liberty. The group knew the city had talented individuals who could shine on stage, so they partnered with the West Liberty Area Arts Council to put on It’s a Wonderful Life live radio play. An engaging take on a Christmas Classic, the group invites theatre lovers from across the county to see this outstanding performance. 

Heath, Assistant Director of It’s a Wonderful Life, explained that the group decided to put on this performance because it provides an accessible way for people to put on a play for the first time. A radio style performance, actors will have scripts with them the whole time to read from, just as radio performers would.

  Set in the 1940’s, It’s a Wonderful Life aims to give viewers an authentic look at old time radio broadcasting. To bring audiences into the action, several “foley artists,” will create sound effects for the show just as they did in the past. Local resident Ron Haskell even created some unique contraptions to replicate motor sounds and more. Taking place at the historic New Strand Theatre, the audience will truly feel they have stepped into the past. 

With free performances on December 13th at 7:00 pm and December 14th at 2:00pm (with Spanish subtitles) and 7:00 pm, residents have many opportunities to see this performance and support their community. “I really like seeing my friends and neighbors come out of their shells, realize that they’re good at acting, and that when they come together, they can put on a polished production,” shared Heath. By attending this production, you can recognize their hard work and help create theatre opportunities in West Liberty in the future. 

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