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Thursday, April 15, 2021

    A Busy Legislative Friday for Vision 2020

    Muscatine Vision 2020
    Muscatine Vision 2020
    Vision 20/20 will address and coordinate the work Muscatine Welfare Association, Senior Resources, Crossroads, and the Muscatine Center for Social Action (MCSA) in providing services to better meet the needs of senior, disabled, and displaced persons in Muscatine County. Vision 20/20 will develop an organization system and staff to maintain and support the integrity of the services provided to and for Muscatine County residents. The collaborative work of Vision 20/20 will encourage and assist the sustainability of these four organizations, and potential additional nonprofits, and their services in the City and County of Muscatine, Iowa.

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    It was a busy Friday for Vision 2020 welcoming two local legislators for visits.  A zoom call with Representative Mark Cisneros was an opportunity for the representative to meet staff from Vision 2020, Senior Resources, Crossroads and Collaboration 1 and learn about the variety of services the organization offers to the Muscatine community.  The conversation also allowed staff to learn about the whirlwind the representative has had in the first 10 week of session.

    Senator Mark Lofgren stopped into Crossroads for a sit down to get an update of the services and the work of Vision 2020.  The visit was an opportunity for staff and the Senator to talk about Medicaid funding, local production, housing and upcoming Senate discussions that could impact our local area.  The whole visit was outshined by the banter shared with Lofgren and employees from the Crossroads Supported Employment program including Brian Burke, pictured with Mark Lofgren.  Lofgren was able to end the visit with a tour of the updated Production Floor at Collaboration 1 from production Manager, Kraig Reed.

    The Vision 2020 team looks forward to future visits with both Legislators as we all strive to make Muscatine a better place to live and work.

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