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A Roaring good time

John A. Wojtecki
Doctor John A. Wojtecki has 45 years of experience in Human Resources, Safety, and Training serving the toy, food, plastics, steel, and office furniture industries. John operates his own consulting business and is a Certified Facilitator in Real Colors. He is a volunteer with the Quad Cities Mediation Service. He posts monthly on his LinkedIn account.

Muscatine Living

At the conclusion of the last article, I mentioned we would be looking at a book by Michael Clinton (No relation to Bill and Hillary) titled “Roar – into the second half of your life (before it’s too late).”

Just a note, I am much beyond the beginning of the last half of my life yet see significant value in Clinton’s message.

Clinton is speaking to an audience of individuals who probably have been in several positions, and are at or over 40 years of age. Clinton’s message is quite profound. “It’s increasingly likely that something is going to happen that could radically change your work, or your personal life, so why wait until that ‘something’ happens to you? Why not be proactive and start creating the future you want right now?” I can identify with his thinking in that when I was in my late 40’s, tragedy beset my family. I was not prepared for such an event yet, Clinton’s message spoke to me then, and now.

Clinton knows his way around publishing. He is a former president and publishing director of Hearst Magazines. This book offers an “empowering path” in embracing one’s future. Of course, there is a “hook” with the title of “ROAR.” Each letter stands for an important consideration in this dynamic process.

The first letter R stands for: reimagine yourself. For those who are at a point in their career where they seek “something else,” this is an excellent first step. I have spoken in previous articles about “the great resignation” which is currently taking place. This fits perfectly with those who are seeking something new. Individuals should see or imagine themselves working elsewhere, contributing differently to meet the first R in Roar.

The second letter is o which stands for: own who you are. Having a good grasp of who you are, your interests, what and where you could contribute differently. As you know, I went out of my comfort zone this past summer to begin training as a SHIIP counselor. We are in the middle of open enrollment right now. I now see myself helping individuals work their way around the Medicare insurance maze. One year ago, I had no clue this is where I would be. There is a great satisfaction in learning something new (Medicare), and then helping others perhaps save some money. I knew I could do this with my past experiences. I own this new role for me. Yet, I have so much more to learn. I know I keep asking questions. I am kind of a pain by doing that, yet asking those questions will help significantly in the future.

A in ROAR is to act on what’s next. Moving in a new direction takes action. No action – no progress. Simple, isn’t it?

The final R is for: reassess your relationships. I have seen where you are a sum of the x number of people you surround yourself. Influences are the key there. Influences and action are so important for progress.

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