When you work to improve yourself and your business, your career and your employer will benefit. The continuous improvement folks will consistently challenge each person to develop themselves. This challenge will take many a form. An article in the May, 2021 AARP Bulletin affords us an opportunity to view that opportunity in a much broader light.

Written by Nicole Pajer and Clint Carter, the title is “60 ways to live longer, stronger, and better.” I would add that when one fulfills some or many of the 60 ways, the benefits will impact employer, career, family, and the world.

Thought I would share a few from the 60 that would have special meaning for us. For example, number five suggests joining a book club. One is very much available here in Muscatine. Prior to the pandemic, I participated, and have now returned to the adult book club here at our own Musser Public Library. After a recent visit to the library, I ran into Kimi. Kimi offered me the opportunity to return to the monthly book club, and I very willingly agreed to participate. Here is a wonderful opportunity to read, discuss, and network while relaxing with a green tea, (number four on the list) and reading the selection of the month. Kimi does a wonderful job while adding an interesting line of questions for the participants on each monthly Zoom meeting.

Number six is: Try something new. I am in the process of that now. As of this writing (Tuesday June 1) I will be participating in my second training session for SHIIP (Senior Health Insurance Information Program). This is a challenge. The training materials are a “stretch” for me. Complex, yet the instructional design is meant to enhance participant success. I love it! The benefits for clients are monumental. I have been humbled when taking the quizzes. Bottom line: I am learning something new.

Suggestions 17 through 20 address stress. Everyone in business (and in life) experiences stress. Some handle it well. Others, not so much. Business folks are under constant pressure. When in the corporate arena, I was asked numerous times about addressing stress. I always tried to explain about handling stress rested with the individual. Stress is a constant. Should you talk to a small business owner, they’ll tell you about the constant pressure of addressing the many facets of creating and operating the business.

One of the suggestions applies to all of us. Suggestion 17 is “organize one thing each day.” It does not need to be anything major. Organize a handbag, a drawer, perhaps a bedside table. I know that when I look at organizing as a project, I see a major time commitment. Suggestion 17 has us thinking small. Great thinking!

Part of the success in reducing stress includes diet. Fruits and vegetables offer a healthy alternative to caffeine and sugar intake, which can cause some interesting side-effects. This AARP article has much to offer everyone in business, in their career, and in their personal life.