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Saturday, March 6, 2021

    Muscatine Community School Disctrict (MCSD)

    Muscatine Community School District offers public education from three year old preschool through high school. The district prides itself on making all of its students success stories.


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    Wednesday, October 23rd Breakfast: Assorted cereal with toast OR frosted Long John Lunch: Beef and bean nachos OR chicken filet sandwich, refried beans, mandarin oranges Thursday, October...
    Wednesday, October 16th: Breakfast: Assorted cereal with toast OR chocolate chip pumpkin muffin Lunch: Crispitos with shredded cheese OR cheeseburger, cheesy broccoli, fresh pear Thursday,...
    Wednesday, October 9th Breakfast: Assorted cereal with toast or mini donuts Lunch: Beef and bean walking taco or pork tenderloin sandwich, mixed green salad, refried beans, orange Thursday,...
    Wednesday, October 2nd Breakfast Assorted cereal with toast or frosted long John Lunch Beef softshell taco or chicken filet sandwich, mixed green salad, orange Thursday, October 3rd Breakfast Assorted cereal with...