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    Battle of the Badges Fights to Raise Money for Muskie Locker

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    For the past two years, the Muscatine Fire Department (MFD) and Muscatine Police Department (MPD) have made the most out of their friendly softball rivalry. At their annual Battle of the Badges game, the two departments have gone head to head to see who has the best softball skills, raising money for local charities in the process. This year, the two groups of first responders look forward to facing off again with a goal to raise money for Muskie Locker.

    Currently, the record for Battle of the Badges stands at one and one, making this the year that either the MFD or the MPD could pull ahead and boost their claim as softball champions. Along with the fun of watching a gripping game of softball, Battle of the Badges will also feature many activities for children, including balloon folding, bounce houses, face painting, lawn games, and a selfie station. Local food vendors will also have cotton candy, popcorn, and more substantial meals on sale for attendees to enjoy. As Whitni Pena, an officer for the MPD put it, “What I like most about this event is how it brings everyone from the community together for a fun family friendly event.”

    Battle of the Badges draws everyone from the community together for more than just outdoor fun. It also unites citizens in supporting important local causes. “We try to raise money, and all money donated will be donated to a local charity,” explained Pena.

    Each year, Battle of the Badges chooses a different area organization to support with the funds it raises. This year, the group has chosen Muskie Locker. Started in 2016 at Muscatine High School, the Muskie Locker provides clothing, food, school supplies, and toiletries to any student who needs them, free of charge. Since its founding, the program has expanded exponentially, spreading to both Central and West Middle Schools. To keep the program running, Muskie Locker needs funds to continue purchasing supplies. Through Battle of the Badges, the MFD and MPD hope to provide a sizable donation to help keep the Muskie Locker fully stocked this school year.

    When the MFD and MPD face off for this year’s Battle of the Badges on Sunday, September 29th from 4:00 to 6:00 pm at Musser Field, they hope to see you out in the crowd taking in the game. From supporting a good cause to having some early fall fun, the Battle of the Badges provides an event everyone can get behind, no matter which team they pull for.

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