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Saturday, September 25, 2021

    Bayer Donates $8,000 to Grandview Volunteer Fire Department for New Utility Terrain Vehicle

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    Bayer makes a point of helping to support the local communities their employees come from. In particular, they work to keep these communities safe by helping local fire departments acquire and maintain the equipment they need to fight fires and respond to emergency medical situations. On Tuesday, October 8th, Bayer assisted the Grandview Volunteer Fire Department (GVFD) by presenting them with $8,000 to put towards a new Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV).

    As a rural department, the GVFD must often deal with brush fires. To help fire fighters get themselves and the equipment they need to these fires, which can happen in remote areas, the GVFD frequently uses a UTV. This year, the GVFD identified that they would need a new UTV and started fundraising efforts to raise money to purchase one, along with other needed supplies for the department.

    According to Shawn Schrader, Bayer’s Site Manager in Muscatine, he learned of these fundraising efforts from one of his employees, Devin Estabrook, a member of Bayer’s plant emergency team. Schrader remembers, “The idea developed from a conversation we had with Devin Estabrook . . . as he was selling raffle tickets to raise money to purchase other equipment for the Department. We discussed additional needs of the Department and that the Bayer Fund could be an avenue of funding to support additional larger dollar requests. Devin took the lead and submitted the application which ultimately resulted in the $8,000 donation to the Department.”

    Sadly, Estabrook passed away from injuries received in a hit and run accident on Highway 61 before Bayer could make the donation. However, to honor his memory and all the contributions he made to both Bayer and the GVFD, Bayer presented the donation to the department in his honor.

    After making the donation to the GVFD last Tuesday evening, Schrader felt glad that he and everyone at Bayer could help the department and do something positive to honor Estabrook. Schrader shared that he felt, “Grateful. [This donation presented a] great opportunity to partner with the Grandview Fire Department and make a positive difference supporting communities where we live and operate. We look forward to future opportunities to collaborate as the need arises.” The GVFD also felt deeply appreciative of the donation and looks forward to acquiring and using its new UTV to keep people in Grandview and the surrounding area safe from harm.

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