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    Bill Tharp

    Discover Muscatine offered all candidates the opportunity to provide information about themselves, their campaigns and to answer a few questions to help voters get to know them better.

    Office Sought: Muscatine County Attorney

    Political Party: Democrat

    Candidate email: [email protected]

    Campaign website: http://votewilliamtharp.com

    Campaign Committee: Committee to Elect William Tharp as Muscatine County Attorney

    Educational Background

    NameCityStateYearsDiploma/Degree Earned
    West Liberty High SchoolWest LibertyIowa1994Diploma
    University of IowaIowa CityIowa1994-1999B.A., Literature, Science, & the Arts
    Drake Law SchoolDes MoinesIowa1999-2002J.D.

    Employment History

    EmployerJob TitleStart DateEnd DateBrief Job Description
    Webber, Gaumer, & Emanuel, P.C.Attorney10/20028/2004General Practice
    Allbee, Barclay, Allison, Denning, & Oppel, P.C.Attorney8/20045/2008General Practice
    Tharp Law OfficeAttorney5/2008presentGeneral Practice

    Endorsements Received

    OrganizationDateContact NameContact Phone
    Quad Cities Federation of Labor AFL-CIO9/10/2020Allison Ritchie(309) 788-1303

    Why are you running for election?

    This is the year for us to right the ship. Early in 2018, few thought our campaign could come close to winning against the incumbent Alan Ostergren. But things changed as the election got closer. We found our vision of what we want in our County Attorney is shared by people in all parties. We came within 139 votes of winning out of around 15,000, less than 1% of the vote. I found that half of the people shared a common vision of how our County Attorney should be. Honest, trustworthy, and most of all – fair. Fair for everyone, not just those with money, are connected, or have any other advantage. We’ll build on that one-half.

    I grew up here and live here, learning the values of people here, but most importantly, I will focus on what people in the community want the office to be. We can’t change the whole country, but we can make sure good decisions are made and that there is justice and fairness in our corner of the World. I have been called to improve lives and make Muscatine County a safer place.

    I look forward to ending the soap opera in Muscatine County by not entering unnecessary conflicts, being sued, and ending any mismanagement, corruption, or questionable actions. I seek to be the candidate for all Muscatine County residents.

    This will be a challenging time. We are seeing rapid social change and new federal and state mandates will be coming. We need someone with a steady hand on the wheel when changes come. I look forward to being YOUR County Attorney.

    What are the three most important issues facing your office over the next term?

    IssueWhy is this important?How will you address this issue?
    I will make certain that there is equal justice under the law for everyone, whether they are rich or poor, have political clout or are anonymous, and work to make certain a fair result is obtained whether a person has any perceived advantage over others or if they do not.These rights are guaranteed by the United States and Iowa Constitutions.I will make make certain a fair result is obtained whether a person has any perceived advantage over others or if they do not.
    I will be much more of a fixture at county meetings and around county offices to provide necessary advice.It is important to be a resource so that sound decisions can be made to help Muscatine County residents and our county offices and to avoid being sued regularly.I have experience in the private sector regarding the criminal and civil side of the law, providing advice to prevent us from getting sued.
    I want to make inroads into preventing crime before it happens.It is important to do as much as I can possibly do to prevent crime before it occurs.I will research and work with different agencies and supporting community groups so that people in the community will know that there is another way to live and survive in our county other than by exploiting or stealing from others.

    What are the three most important issues facing Muscatine County over the next term?

    IssueWhy is this important?How will you address this issue? (if applicable)
    The 3 issues listed above.For the reasons stated above.In the ways I promised above.

    What is the most important thing you would like voters to know about you that they may not?

    Although I am a third generation Muscatine County resident with a wife who teaches in West Liberty in the dual language program as an elementary school special reading teacher and have three school age children with my wife, I do not know every person in Muscatine County, so the most important thing I would like the voters to know is that I am trustworthy, keep my word, and will be responsible in giving advice and working as the Muscatine County Attorney. These are not only words, but these words describe how I live my life. It is nearly impossible to change the entire world, but we can definitely make the change we want to see in our part of the world, Muscatine County. I am here to improve the lives of residents and make certain they live in safe communities. I do not believe this office should be political since this office is more about knowing the law, knowing what is right, what is fair, knowing what is just, and being able to communicate with respect, as opposed to using or being lured into playing politics with the Muscatine County Attorney’s Office. This will be a challenging time and I am very excited to be in this position to make sure peoples’ lives will continue to improve with every passing year. As opposed to politically posturing, I strongly suggest every voter, at a minimum, do an internet search on every local candidate for every local office to learn more about where they are, where they have been, and where it looks like they are going. The actions taken by your elected officials on the local level do more to impact each of us as individuals and taxpayers. I respectfully request your vote so that I can improve your life and the lives of our neighbors.

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