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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

    Bold Changes for a Bright Future: Stanley Foundation Becomes Stanley Center for Peace and Security

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    In 1956, Max and Betty Stanley boldly formed the Stanley Foundation (SF) with goals to, “catalyze just and sustainable solutions to critical issues of peace and security by driving policy progress, advancing global governance, and advocating collective action,” according to Mark Seaman, the organization’s Director of Communications. Now, the SF boldly renamed themselves the Stanley Center for Peace and Security (SCPS).

    Active participants in solving international issues, the SCPS wanted a name reflecting this role. “We are often perceived as a foundation in the traditional sense, an organization that grants funds to others . . .. The [name] change is designed to move us away from the perception,” detailed Seaman.

    Members of the SCPS, the Stanley family, and designers worked to give the organization a look and name that better conveys their vision. Seman described it in these terms, “Our new logo . . . contains lots of symbolism. It is inspired by a roundtable discussion with an open center, serving as a reference for open dialogue. It also connotes imagery of a spark as a metaphor for how we spark conversations and serve as a catalyst for new ideas. . .. Its multiple colors demonstrate our embrace of diversity, energy, and optimism.”

    Along with these changes the SCPS also updated their website. You may visit it at www.stanleycenter.org.

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