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Thursday, September 24, 2020
    Muscatine COVID-19 Local Response Guide COVID-19 Educational Information

    COVID-19 Educational Information


    How to clean when faced with a shortage of supplies

    In light of concerns about COVID-19, various health organizations have issued specific instructions on how to maintain personal safety and cleanliness. These...

    What to do in the wake of canceled events

    Events have been canceled or postponed across the globe and here in Muscatine in the wake of the outbreak of COVID-19. This...

    How to practice social distancing during a pandemic

    Social distancing protocols encourage people to avoid crowds, such as those at concerts and sporting events. As COVID-19 continued...

    Who is at elevated risk for COVID-19?

    COVID-19 continues to dominate headlines across the globe. This novel coronavirus first made headlines in late 2019 after an outbreak in Wuhan,...

    COVID-19 – Coronavirus Overview

    The dawn of 2020 has ushered in many newsworthy headlines, but few have turned the heads of the masses as sharply as...