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Thursday, September 23, 2021

    Bickford Presents Living History

        Living History: Paul Kemper

        The fourth of nine children, Paul Kemper had a lively childhood growing up with his two brothers and six sisters. Kemper grew up on...

        Living History: Harrison Terry

        Born at his family's home in 1926, Harrison Terry has lived his whole life in Muscatine County, save for a brief period when he...

        Living History: Patricia “Pat” Fridley

        Born at Hershey Hospital on Mulberry Street, Patricia "Pat" Fridley has lived her whole life in Muscatine County. She attended Muscatine High School and...

        Latest News

        Open House at Deep Lakes Park Cabins

        MUSCATINE, Iowa--The Muscatine County Conservation Board is holding a public open house at the Deep Lakes Park cabins on...