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Sunday, March 29, 2020
Muscatine Living Mission Pawsible

Mission Pawsible


Mission Pawsible: Koda

Name: Koda Breed: Male Siberian Husky Age: Adult Koda arrived at the Muscatine...

Mission Pawsible: Oswald

Name: Oswald Breed: Male domestic shorthair brown and black tabby Age: Two months old

Mission Pawsible: Violet

Name: Violet Breed: Female black and white domestic shorthair Age: One-and-a-half to two-year-old

Mission Pawsible: Danny and Dusty

Name: Danny and Dusty Breed: Male mackerel tuxedo (Danny) and black (Dusty) domestic shorthairs. Age: Three...

Mission Pawsible: Peanut Butter

Name: Peanut Butter Breed: Female domestic shorthair tortoiseshell Age: Six months old

Mission Pawsible: Rocky

Name: Rocky Breed: Male domestic shorthair black and white tuxedo Age: Three...

Mission Pawsible: Mica

Name: Mica Breed: Male domestic shorthair black and white tuxedo Age: One year old

Mission Pawsible: Pumpkin

Name: Pumpkin Breed: Female domestic shorthair brown mackerel tabby Age: Three years...

Mission Pawsible: Desi

Mission Pawsible: Desi Name: Desi Breed: Male, Domestic Short Hair, Brown Mackerel Tabby

Mission Pawsible: Calista

Name: Calista Breed: Female Domestic Medium Hair, Dilute Calico Age: One year old