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    Chris Brase

    Office Sought: Iowa State Senate #46

    Political Party: Democrat

    Candidate Email: [email protected]

    Candidate Website: https://www.cbraseforiowasenate.com/

    Campaign Committee: Committee to Elect Chris Brase

    Educational Background

    NameCityStateYearsDiploma/Degree Earned
    North Scott HighEldridgeIA1977-80
    U Of I EMSLRCIowa CityIA1994Paramedic

    Employment History

    EmployerJob TitleStart DateEnd DateBrief Job Description
    City of MuscatineFirefighter/Paramedic9/28/19906/28/2019Firefigher

    Endorsements Received

    OrganizationDateContact Name
    Muscatine Association Firefighters4/23/2020Mike Hoppe
    Ia Federation of Labor4/29/2020Ken Sagar
    AFSCME 616/17/2020Danny Homan
    ISEA6/23/2020Melissa Peterson

    Why are you running for election?

    It is time to move Iowa forward and put the hard-working families first. It is time to represent all of the people of district. For this to happen it is essential to put partisanship to the side and listen to the needs of Iowans.

    What are the 3 most important issues facing your office over the next term?

    IssueWhy is this important?How will you address this issue?
    Fees that we payFamilies are working hard and some working multiple jobs and still just getting buy. We need to find ways to put dollars back into the pockets of working familiesIt is time to reduce the fees on our working families. One of the ways is to reduces the vehicle registration fees that families pay each year.
    State BudgetI am anticipating decrease in State revenues due to the Covid pandemic. It is very possible that all state department will have to plan for a reduction in funding.It will take bipartisan work to establish a responsible budget that will address the needs of the citizens of Iowa. I will work with all the Legislators in crafting a budget
    COVID PandemicIt is affecting our health and economics of Iowa. It is time to come together and work together to gain control of the pandemic, we cannot afford to shut down the state and hurt the small business of Iowa.We all need to do our part to limit the spread of the virus and move Iowa forward.

    What are the 3 most important issues facing Muscatine County over the next term?

    IssueWhy is this important?How will you address this issue? (if applicable)
    EMS is not an essential service that not only effects Muscatine, but all of IowaMany Volunteer services are struggling to provide EMS to the citizens of rural Iowa. Some parts of the state can take 30 minutes or more for an Ambulance to arrive. We all know that during an emergency, seconds matter.I will work with any legislator to write language to address this problem. The Iowa House passed a bipartisan bill that was never taken up in the Iowa Senate.
    EducationEducation effects all we do in life. It is part of the foundation of what we as citizens become. Every school district is different and has different needs. Urban Districts have different needs than more rural districts.As legislators need take down the silos that limit schools how schools utilize state funding. I believe in local control, allow school boards to utilize the funding in ways that best works for there district.
    Jobs and economicsMuscatine and all of Iowa needs to grow and for that to happen it starts with education and Job opportunities.I will work with State and Local elected to find a way to bring a public port authority. This will create new jobs and growth opportunity for Muscatine and surrounding communities

    What is the most important thing you would like voters to know about you that they may not?

    I was taught to respect everyone enough to listen and to care enough to help, to understand a problem, you need to listen and that it is ok to agree to disagree. Legislators need to find common ground and move Iowa forward.

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