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    City of Muscatine Considers Rezoning Southeast Corner of U.S. 61 Bypass and Mittman Road for Love’s Travel Stop

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    On October 8th, City Planner Andrew Fangman presented Rezoning Case #PZZ-8 to the Planning and Zoning Commission. The case discusses a request to rezone the southeast corner of the U.S. 61 Bypass and Mittman Road to allow Love’s to build a Travel Stop. 

    Currently, Loves has a contract to purchase a portion of 32.87 acres at the corner of the U. S. 61 Bypass and Mittman Road so long as they can rezone it from agricultural to light industrial use. The Travel Stop would include gas pumps and parking areas for cars and trucks, as well as a convenience store. The site would also include a storm water management system and improvements to Mittman Road to allow for increased truck traffic. 

    In the Rezoning Case, city staff recommends allowing the rezoning. First, they cite that the rezoning complies with the City’s Future Land Use Plan, which lays out the City’s goals for using land in the city to promote economic growth.

    Second, the City considers the rezoning in line with several other light industrial developments in the area, which include a construction company, a repair shop, self-storage units, and a towing company. Though two small residential housing developments and two farms lie within 1,000 feet of the proposed Travel Stop, the City Planner’s office did not think the new construction would impose an undue burden on these areas. 

    The Rezoning Case did state that Mittman Road from the Bypass to the Travel Stop would need upgrades. Love’s would need to pay for these improvements. Love’s would need to present an improvement plan to the City before they could get a building permit. After upgrades take place, the City would allow truck traffic on that section of Mittman Road but would not allow it on older sections of the road. 

    The City of Muscatine will have three readings of the rezoning case during City Council Meetings on November 7th, November 21st, and December 5th. The public may attend. To learn more about the rezoning case, you may read it in full at  https://www.muscatineiowa.gov/DocumentCenter/View/20438/PZZ-8?bidId=

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