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Friday, September 17, 2021

    City of West Liberty Encourages Businesses to Stay Alert for Counterfeit Currency

    City of West Libertyhttps://cityofwestlibertyia.org/
    West Liberty is a resource-rich city with a diverse population and a small-town feel. Our location provides easy access to Interstate 80, Muscatine, Iowa and the Mississippi River, and Iowa City, with the University of Iowa. The community is strong in volunteerism, supportive of education and has a progressive view for the future of our town.

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    According to the City of West Liberty, a large sum of counterfeit United States currency surfaced in West Liberty, Iowa, on November 23rd, 2019. Investigators located only counterfeit one-hundred-dollar bills and fifty-dollar bills. Local businesses and residents should exercise caution when accepting large bills, including twenty-dollar bills.

    Check for watermarks and security strips before accepting any large bills. Unusual printing, such as Chinese characters, and text that advises the money is fake or for other purposes constitute items to watch for. If you locate a suspected counterfeit, contact the West Liberty Police Department at their non-emergency number (319)-627-2223.

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