Come one come all: Crossroads Carnival set to return

MUSCATINE, Iowa–Aug. 28, Crossroads, Inc. in Muscatine invites everyone young and old to join them for their annual carnival fundraiser. After pausing for a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Crossroads Carnival will return with a variety of new attractions sure to delight guests and help them learn more about Crossroads’ work.

Since its debut in 2014, the Crossroads Carnival has featured classic games and activities. Alongside these favorites, this year’s carnival will feature new additions, including squirt gun races, an inflatable obstacle course, an art sale including the work of Crossroads’ day habilitation program clients, and a tour of Crossroads’ facilities. With these new inclusions, Executive Director’s Assistant and Development Coordinator Mike Dunlap hopes to attract more people to the carnival and give them a better understanding of what Crossroads does. “It’s a great opportunity to simply support a great organization with an amazing mission, but it is also an opportunity to get an inside exclusive look at what we do on our Collaboration 1 production floor,” he said. “I think people have preconceived ideas of what Crossroads is or used to be, but once they go through our tour they are left amazed at everything that goes on here and what roles our clients have on the production floor.”

Money raised from game tickets (costing $1 a piece or $20 for 22) and other events like the art show will go to Crossroads to help them continue to expand and improve their new With-Out-Walls (WOW) Choices Day Habilitation Program, which allows clients to meet downtown and then choose one of several activities to get involved with in the local community each day.