Cooking with John
by John A. Wojtecki
March 28, 2020

As I was reading the book “Janesville” on March 15, an idea popped into my brain for Muscatine during these difficult times. Sometimes, I scare myself.

The idea: A Cookbook – in both print and PDF format. Proceeds will be shared between the Salvation Army and Pearl City Outreach. When we, at Discover Muscatine, are ready, we will accept a submission of your favorite recipe. One submission per person, please. Everyone will get appropriate credit for their submission. I suspect we will have a form or format for submission of the recipe. Submissions will come to me.

There will continue to be those in need. We are in a difficult time. I have spoken with both Greg Bock from the Salvation Army and Sharon Phillips from Pearl City Outreach and both would accept the proceeds as a donation willingly. Greg even commented that he thought it was a good idea. I even talked to Lyndsay Philllips at Big Brothers–Big Sisters. We envision a section with a submission from Bigs and Littles. Cost for both delivery formats has not been determined yet. A reasonable price would be key. Every effort will be made to make the book reasonable. It would be most satisfying to see your recipe in print.

This is scary for me. I am not sure if this idea is good or if it will turn out “a real dud.” My family has looked at me and this project with an unusual smile (and laugh). No better time than right now for something positive to come out of preparing meals together and a win/win for two important organizations in our community.

We anticipate sharing the concept (Live Stream) with our own Ashley Ramer Loveless as the host speaking with me as we discuss all the wonderful details that go into the project. It is even possible to look for a date with Tony Tone who will interview yours truly about the undertaking. All I see is potential!

This is about learning while helping everyone with their cooking potential. I cook very little. But – there are many like me who would be perfect to benefit from the cooking lessons in the cookbook. The lessons from the cookbook will be perfect for children. This has a positive impact as evidenced in the Big Brother Big Sisters, program where they prepare meals, cookies, pies, and cakes together. I see wonderful times spent together. The outcome is wholesome and benefits all. The learning will last a lifetime.

No better time than now to prepare for life, and cooking, during and after self-quarantine. So, it is time to plan ahead. Hopefully, children return to school soon, jobs remain, and employment is active. Ideas generated from the cookbook can lead to healthy, wholesome meals for families, those with special needs, and seniors.

Look for more about this project in my next article. The April 15th edition of Discover Muscatine will review what type of recipes would be good as submissions, where to submit, and how to format a submission.

Ultimately, I will want to hear how the cookbook or PDF was used with a positive message. I will have an email address in my next article for submissions. Please be thinking of your favorite recipe.

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