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    Council approves hourly rate increase for substitute refuse collection workers

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    MUSCATINE, Iowa – The Muscatine City Council approved increasing the starting hourly rate for a substitute refuse collection worker during their regular meeting April 15. The pay plan for seasonal workers includes a section for part-time (less than 20 hours) workers, and the amended play plan now includes the Substitute Refuse Collection Worker and the Compost Facility attendant.


    The City has used a combination of hiring employees directly and hiring through a temporary agency for the position of substitute refuse collection. However, since the budget process for the next fiscal year was completed, the temporary agency has raised their prices for temporary help twice. The City has not been successful in hiring employees directly at $10 per hour.


    To attract more employees directly and to have a more reliable substitute labor force, the City requested the Council to increase the hourly rate to $13 per hour that is more in line with other similar types of work.


    “The goal is to work within the budgeted amount for this service,” Stephanie Romagnoli, Human Resource Manager said. “While the internal hourly rate is higher, the ability to hire more local qualified candidates should offset the money paid the temporary agency.”


    The amended pay plan also now includes the Compost Facility attendant. The position was added during the 2020/21 Fiscal Year at a rate of $9.50 per hour.


    Both are now listed under the Flat Pay Rates of the Seasonal Employee Pay Plan.


    Many other seasonal work opportunities are available with the City of Muscatine. Hourly rates for each position vary based on the requirements of the position, previous work experience and qualifications, Red Cross Health and Safety certifications, special education, certificates, degrees, licenses, etc., and a combination of hours worked and quality of performance.


    Visit EMPLOYMENT for a complete list of positions available with the City of Muscatine.

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