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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

    CountFast Catches on at Johnson County STEM Festival

    Ren Teed
    Ren Teed works as a spokesperson for the CountFast learning system.

    Muscatine Living

    On October 10th, several representatives of CountFast, a math learning system created though a unique partnership between Muscatine and China based developers, attended the Johnson County STEM Festival (STEM Festival). The STEM Festival took place at the Kirkwood Regional Center at the University of Iowa in Coralville, Iowa.

    The STEM Festival gave CountFast representatives the chance to play several CountFast games with kids ages five through fourteen. These games introduced abstract thinking skills in math. Working with kids on abstract thinking skills pertaining to math, aside from traditional problem-solving skills, challenges kids and intrigues them. “You can see it in their face, and when you offer to give them a hint, they usually say no, not yet! They are very determined to get the answer on their own. It’s pretty amazing to see the determination of children and then to watch them show and challenge their parents on the skills they have learned,” said Teed, a spokesperson for CountFast.

    Teed also reported that after the STEM Festival, parents came up to the group and thanked them for working with their children. They also added that the kids started quizzing them on the math skills they learned at the CountFast booth.

    “As a parent myself, shared Teed, “it is obviously very rewarding to know that children like to learn math and find it enjoyable, as well as knowing that it’s educational. Many teachers like our products, but it means even more when we see parents recognize what they can do for their children. The best reward is seeing children get very excited about learning math when they spend thirty to forty-five minutes at our table wanting to participate in our math games.”

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