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    COVID-19 vaccination begins for West Liberty teachers

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    WEST LIBERTY, Iowa—As vaccination of Tier 1B gets underway, Trinity Muscatine Public Health has begun the task of vaccinating all the teachers working in districts primarily in Muscatine County. Their efforts started Feb. 6 with teachers and childcare workers in West Liberty.

    Muscatine County Public Health Director Christy Roby Williams shared that Public Health chose West Liberty Community School District as their first Tier 1B essential worker vaccination site because of the high number of cases in that district relative to its size. “West Liberty was selected as they have the highest impact of COVID-19 cases in our county,” she said: “All of our school districts are eager and ready to get the vaccine as soon as they can. Our schools have been true collaborative partners throughout this public health pandemic; we are fortunate to work with such outstanding communities throughout our county.”

    From 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a. m, staff from Public Health vaccinated a total of 180 teachers and childcare workers. Roby Williams felt pleased to begin this work and looks forward to continuing it as more vaccine shipments arrive in the county. “Our department was prepared and excited to deliver the vaccines,” she shared: “We have plans in place to continuously distribute the vaccine to the required populations as we receive them from the state. We are working with our countywide doctors’ offices and pharmacies to get the vaccine to the target population of 65 and older.”

    Currently Muscatine County remains in between Phase 1A and 1B Tier 1. This means Trinity Muscatine Public Health and area doctors and pharmacies that have vaccines to give will use them to give second vaccines to healthcare workers and long-term care facility residents and to start vaccinating people age 65 and older, first responders, prekindergarten through 12th grade teachers, and childcare workers. According to Trinity Muscatine Public Health’s most recent COVID-19 update, the county currently receives 400 vaccine doses per week from the Iowa Department of Public Health. Once all of Phase 1B Tier 1 receives their vaccines, Public Health will begin vaccinating Phase 1B Tier 2, which includes food, agriculture, and manufacturing workers as well as people with disabilities living in certain settings and their caregivers.

    As more information about vaccination opportunities in Muscatine County becomes available, Trinity Muscatine Public Health will share it out with the community through the Muscatine County Website, the UnityPoint Trinity Muscatine website, and the Trinity Muscatine Public Health Facebook page. Roby Williams encourages people to check these resources frequently.

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