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Monday, September 27, 2021

    Dear Miss Pearl: Baby Shark Attack

    Dear Miss Pearl
    Miss Pearl, a well-loved member of the Muscatine Community, has many years of experience helping others through challenging times. She looks forward to helping you solve all of life's problems, large and small.

    Muscatine Living

    Dear Miss Pearl,

    I work in an office with about twenty other people surrounding me day in and day out. I have a co-worker that is constantly singing from her cubicle like it is the shower in her own home. I am not sure if she realizes it or not, but sometimes her playlist even consists of child songs that she belts out as if she were in the car with her three-year-old. I know she is a mom but, please stop with “Baby Shark”! What in the world can I say to her without offending her? I need some quiet to work.


    Not a Fan

    Dear Not a Fan,

    I must apologize because as I read your letter, I began belting out “Baby Shark” myself. It is a catchy little song! Okay, okay, I understand your dilemma and my advice would be to shoot her an email or pop over to her cubicle to ask her to enjoy her music but to please keep the singing to herself. Explain to her that you have a hard time concentrating with a lot of background noise. The second option I see is that you could just invest in a pair of ear buds yourself to drown out her cubicle concerts. Finally, you could sneak an anonymous note (much like this one) onto her desk asking her to keep “Baby Shark” in her own car.


    Miss Pearl

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