Dear Miss Pearl: Dressed for Success?
by Dear Miss Pearl
September 27, 2019

Dear Miss Pearl,

My four-year-old son has recently decided to become his own stylist. He dresses himself each day, which I appreciate, but he comes up with horrible combinations and refuses to change when I tell him to. He looked like a clown for his school pictures this year. Now, he has started wearing his Halloween costume everywhere we go. Is it worth the battle, or should I just suffer through the disapproving eye rolls from the people at the dentist’s office and grocery store?

Ninja Turtle’s Mom

Dear Ninja Turtle’s Mom,

In today’s world where we are judged on everything we do or say, I would choose my battles. Your son sounds like he has an imaginative personality, and as long as his outfits are not offensive, disrespectful, or break any dress code rules, I say let him exercise his individuality! It won’t be long until he will be getting pressure to fit in, so let him march to the beat of his own drum while he can! Cowabunga dude!


Miss Pearl

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