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    Dear Miss Pearl: Grandpa’s Gripes

    Dear Miss Pearl
    Miss Pearl, a well-loved member of the Muscatine Community, has many years of experience helping others through challenging times. She looks forward to helping you solve all of life's problems, large and small.

    Muscatine Living

    Dear Miss Pearl,

    My grandfather is constantly telling me he thinks it’s absurd that we (women) work and that our men allow it. He says he understands that a single gal may have bills to pay so work might be necessary until she finds a husband, but by no means should she consider a career, and the man of the house should be the breadwinner. Miss Pearl I enjoy my job. I would go crazy at home while the kids are in school. How do I make my grandfather understand that I don’t need a man, and working is something that puts food on the table and feeds my soul at the same time.


    Working Woman

    Dear WW,

    Perhaps your grandfather is lacking in the knack of communicating with the younger generation and even though his thinking is outdated, his love for you will never be. One way to bridge the generation gap is to ask questions about the “good old days” and the era of the stay at home moms. Sometimes older people just want to be heard, so listen to the stories and history he has to share…one day, you’ll be glad you did honey.


    Miss Pearl

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