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Monday, September 27, 2021

    Dear Miss Pearl: Shall We Dance?

    Dear Miss Pearl
    Miss Pearl, a well-loved member of the Muscatine Community, has many years of experience helping others through challenging times. She looks forward to helping you solve all of life's problems, large and small.

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    Dear Miss Pearl, 

    My daughter is heading to homecoming in a couple weeks, and a boy asked her to be his date.  My husband says that she cannot date until she is a junior and will not back down.  I disagree with him because it is a school event and they are going as a group.  How do I not undermine my husband but still let my daughter have a good time?  

    -A Disagreeing Wife

     Dear Disagreeing Wife, 

    Parenting is the hardest job there is, and when you pair that with marriage (being a close second) things can get sticky very quick.  In all of my years, I have had these same conversations with Mr. Pearl, and we agreed that his dating rule would stand, with the exception of dances where they would be going as a group.  Mr. Pearl, through long nights of bickering, generally sees things my way after I configure charts, make him a Power Point or two (he is a visual/factual kind of man) and tell him dozens of times that his baby girl is simply growing up.  It is not an easy thing for a father to swallow. 

    Wishing you luck,

    Miss Pearl

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