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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

    Durant High School holds modified graduation

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    DURANT, Iowa–With graduates and their parents arranged in a socially distanced manner on the schools’ football field, Durant students finally came together to celebrate their high school achievements at their graduation July 12.

    Graduate Hannah Frisch welcomed her class, looking back at their achievements and forward to their futures. “When we reflect back on our lives, we should be proud of what we have become and where we came from and filled with excitement about what the next pages of our lives will bring and that we’ll all be just fine, wherever we end up,” she said.

    Durant Principal Joel Diederichs echoed her positive attitude, celebrating the resilience of the class of 2020. He stated, “the class of 2020 at Durant has stayed strong to the finish, held together when the world was splintering, and has a bright future in a not very bright time.”

    Following Diederichs’ address, valedictorian Lucas Callison spoke. In keeping with the theme of resilience, Callison emphasized how he and his classmates will use the challenges they experienced to become better people. “Graduation is a time to look back at good and bad times in our lives and realize that you would not have grown or changed in a certain way that has allowed you to receive your diploma and lead your own life.”

    Allie Poston offered some closing words, reminding her classmates to never forget their positive experiences. “The coronavirus has had a permanent impact on our lives, but it cannot take away the friends and memories we’ve already made.”

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