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    Durant High School Students Take Fifth Place in Associated Builders and Contractors of Iowa Carpentry Competition

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    At Durant High School, the architecture, construction, and engineering (ACE) program takes pride in giving students hands-on experiences that can translate to future careers. At the Associated Builders and Contractors of Iowa (ABC) Carpentry Competition on Friday, December 22nd, in Des Moines, five students had the opportunity to put their learning to the test. The students distinguished themselves, earning fifth place.

    At the competition, the team received the plans and materials to build a doghouse and had four hours to complete it. After finishing, judges evaluated each team on accuracy, technique, and teamwork. Tim Rouse, ACE teacher at Durant High School felt pleased with his student’s rank, especially since they had never competed in the competition before. “Fifth place was super, super good, I think,” stated Rouse. In particular, Rouse thinks that several of the students’ experiences building houses over the summer in Iowa City through a program he helps lead at Kirkwood Community College was extremely helpful.

    In the future, Rouse hopes to take two teams to the ABC Carpentry Competition as many students proved interested. He also believes the competition provides an excellent confidence booster for students and helps them realize the value of the skills they learn in his classes. “It really helps them to see the skill sets [in action],” Rouse elaborated. “My goal is always to give students the biggest toolbox of skills I can.”

    Following the competition, the Durant High School students had the opportunity to bring their doghouse home and completely finish it with siding and a shingle roof. “They went the extra mile when they went home,” said Rouse. The students plan to give it to one of their team members dogs to use. If the dog dislikes it, they will use it as a new can collector for the football stadium. 

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