Expanding My Business Horizon

I recently was handed a booklet on what I know as a pacemaker by the company Boston Scientific. Health care companies are new to me. When it comes to stocks and investments, I watch consumables, office furniture, maybe farm implements, that guy in Omaha, Nebraska, Apple, and perhaps Wal-Mart. Anything in health care was left alone.

So, I read the brochure on the device. My interest is heightened. This pacemaker device is amazing. What a pacemaker does, and how the health care system helps people is worthy of exploration.

This pacemaker-defibrillator – what does it do? In language we can understand, it regulates either a slow or fast heart rate. As I sit here and write about what this pacemaker does, I am impressed, in awe, and appreciative that the technology is developed to accomplish such a delicate task. Our hearts are, after-all, both a mechanical marvel, and capable of supporting life, and love.

This pacemaker is a small device used to treat slow, fast, and/or irregular heartbeats. It helps the heart beat more efficiently. Installation is accomplished on an out-patient (sometimes, in-patient) basis. As I said earlier – what a medical marvel.

Folks return to regular activities with some cautions. I thought it was interesting that the booklet suggested using cellphones a certain distance from the implant. Folks with pacemaker implants now have issues going through the TSA lines at airports. I have had that issue for quite some time. Boston Scientific will send out an identification card to the recipient after installation. I wonder if I can get some kind of similar card for my hip implants?

In the past, I have researched on You Tube the robot that does prostate surgery, for personal reasons. In more ways than one, I am thankful for the research and development of the DaVinci robots that help with the surgical procedures. Now, we go exploring health care companies and, in particular, Boston Scientific.

From their website, “Boston Scientific is dedicated to transforming lives through innovative medical solutions that improve the health of patients around the world.” Let’s do some analysis:

  • 38,000 employees worldwide
  • $1 Billion invested in research each year
  • 30 million patients treated yearly
  • Headquartered in Massachusetts
  • Production facilities in states such as California, Minnesota, Indiana, and worldwide.

Pretty impressive!

The company is a manufacturer of medical devices. Boston Scientific is primarily known for developing stents, which open clogged heart arteries. The booklet I was reading addressed an implanted pacemaker-defibrillator.

Not only do they develop and offer medical devices, they ranked eighth overall, and first among companies in the Health Care Equipment and Services Industry in the 2021 list of America’s best Employers for Diversity by Forbes. The rankings are based on ratings from employees on topics that include equitable opportunities for career advancement and fostering an inclusive culture.

Boston Scientific has handsomely addressed the mechanical aspects of the heart – now can we get them to work on the love equation in the heart?