Falling into Fun in downtown Muscatine

Is there anything better than a steak sandwich and waffle fries on a beautiful fall day in the Brew Garden with your gals?  I know you’re digging around in that head trying to prove me wrong, but it is just the break I need in the middle of a work day.  If you haven’t enjoyed a lunch at the Brew Garden yet this fall, you need to get there. They have daily specials and a menu full of options, too. 

If you are lucky enough to have the afternoon off, you should sneak around the corner and check out the cute stuff that Flipped Out Furniture has while you’re downtown! I am eyeballing a desk right now to replace my folding table in the living room(aka my home office).  I know I can’t be the only one kickin’ it at a folding table all executive like. They also have tons of adorable fall décor that I need to add to my collection. 

Enjoy the fall season at our local small businesses!