Festive holiday fundraiser supports Alzheimer’s Association

Sunnybrook at Muscatine's Allie the Alzheimer's Awareness Reindeer

MUSCATINE, Iowa-This December, Muscatine residents should keep an eye out for more than just regular wildlife in their yards. Allie, the Alzheimer’s Awareness Reindeer will travel around town, helping Sunnybrook at Muscatine continue to raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Association.

Over the summer, Sunnybrook at Muscatine earned the title of top fundraiser for the Muscatine Walk to End Alzheimer’s, in part through their flushed fundraiser. To support the Alzheimer’s association and get a little silly in the process, people could pay to have a royal purple toilet placed in the yard of a home or business of their choosing. The recipient could then make a donation to move it to a new location, spreading the fun even further.

Encouraged by this fundraiser’s results, and the way it safely brought the community together during the challenging pandemic summer, Sunnybrook decided they wanted to devise a similar event to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association this winter. “Just like our flushed toilet fundraiser that we did over the summer, we wanted to bring something fun, interactive, and cheery to the community,” said Sunnybrook at Muscatine Marketing Director Jordan Lloyd. From this inspiration came Allie the Alzheimer’s Awareness Reindeer.

For a $20 donation Sunnybrook will take Allie, a bright purple reindeer bedecked in shiny wreaths and an Alzheimer’s Association t-shirt, to any residential or business address in Muscatine that you pick. If you find a friend has sent her to you, you can send her away with a $10 donation, send her to another friend for $20, or send her away and assure she won’t stumble into your yard again for $30. Allie will continue her adventures around town until Dec. 18. If you would like to get in on the fun, contact Sunnybrook at 563-263-5108 to direct Allie to her next stop and to arrange a donation with cash, a check, or a credit card.

As Christmas nears, Lloyd hopes Sunnybrook’s latest fundraiser for the Alzheimer’s Association will bring a smile to many people’s faces. She also hopes it will increase awareness about Alzheimer’s and help the Alzheimer’s Association continue their lifechanging research, “I know we all continue to hear this over and over again, but this year more than ever, we need to donate to the Alzheimer’s Association and raise awareness for this life altering disease and the services the Alzheimer’s Association provides in order to help those affected by it.”

Lloyd also values the opportunity for Sunnybrook to say active in the community, even when residents cannot attend public gatherings. “Here at Sunnybrook, we love to help out organizations, non-profits, local businesses- everyone we can, whether that be through monetary donations, spreading the word, or partnering efforts. Being a senior living community, we have seen the affect Alzheimer’s has on individuals, their families, and their friends. We want to raise as much awareness and funds as we can to help as many amazing people as we can until we finally reach the first survivor!”