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    Flood Preparation: Making a plan & what to pack

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    MUSCATINE, Iowa – No one likes to think about having to leave their home because of flooding. Yet, with the high possibility of flooding occurring in Iowa this spring, you must be ready to evacuate if necessary. Here are some things you can do to get ready.

    Make a plan

    Talk with your family members about what each needs to do if an evacuation is imminent. Discuss where you will stay, what you need to take with you when you go, how you will stay in contact if you are separated prior to or during an evacuation.

    Include in your plan any special arrangements that need to be made for family members who are elderly or have special needs. Don’t forget to plan for your pets.

    What to pack

    Determine what you will need to take if you must leave your home. If you can, pack some items now so they are ready to go at a moment’s notice. For those items you can’t pack now, make a checklist so you won’t forget anything important when it does come time to evacuate. Consider the following:

    • Gather and pack vital records such as insurance policies, bank account information, driver’s licenses, birth certificates, and medical prescription information.
    • Medications and medical equipment. Consider asking your doctor to prescribe extra medication that you can pack in a personal emergency go bag. Make sure you take all components of medical equipment such as power cords and extra oxygen tanks.
    • In your go bag, pack personal hygiene items and extra clothing in case you must stay in a shelter.
    • Think about valuables and family heirlooms that can be packed now and possibly stored at a location safe from flooding.
    • Consider having extra cash on hand as sometimes during disasters banks and ATMs may be inaccessible.
    • Make sure you pack children’s items such as diapers, baby formula, toys, and clothing.
    • Bring a carrier for your pet along with current vaccination records, toys, food, leashes and a litterbox and litter if you have a cat.


    Learn more

    Learn more about emergency preparedness at www.bereadyiowa.gov.

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