Girls Attend T.T.T. Camp at Camp Wyoming

MUSCATINE, Iowa–T.T.T. is a national non-profit organization whose mission is to provide summer camp experiences for 4th grade girls. There are T.T.T. chapters in 10 different states and D.C., with over 3000 members, and these chapters all work hard to raise the money needed to send girls to camp.  On average, we send over 4000 girls to camp each year at absolutely no cost to their families!

There are four T.T.T. Chapters in Muscatine. The members of the chapters meet monthly to plan fundraisers and select campers. Each chapter organizes fundraisers that bring in the money needed for camp fees, clothing and supplies.  Once money has been raised and campers have been selected, the chapters ensure the campers have everything they need for camp (at no cost to their families), and get them to and from camp.

The week the girls spend at camp is only part of what we do.  Once camp is over, the relationship does not end.  We stay in touch with the girls after camp, taking them shopping for back-to school items and Christmas as well as other fun activities the chapters organize.  Upon high school graduation, each girl is eligible for a scholarship.

In 2020 unfortunately we did not have camp due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  This year camp has resumed and in person camp, or other versions of camp, is taking place.  Chapters had the option to offer the full overnight camp experience, select day camp experiences, or provide a more individual “camp box” experience in which each girl receives a package with activities, music, t- shirts, and other camp related items.

Two Muscatine chapters sent girls to overnight camp at Camp Wyoming this year.  At camp the girls had such a great time that they were not ready to leave.  They loved the food, did lots of swimming and fun activities like paint wars, caving and creek stomping. They made new lifelong friends, sharing phone numbers and snapchats with each other so they could keep in touch.  They spoke a lot about the counselors, and even had one they nicknamed Caterpillar. They learned about outdoor life, and there was a lot of talk of all the bugs and spiders they encountered.  Summer camp was certainly a wonderful experience for the girls.

Anyone with a daughter going into 4th grade this year who is interested in learning more about T.T.T. camp can contact Brenda White at (309)791-1112, or visit

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