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    Gov. Reynolds completes 99 County Tour

    Kim Reynoldshttps://governor.iowa.gov/about-the-governor
    As Iowa’s 43rd Governor, Kim Reynolds is determined to make sure that Iowa’s success is every Iowan’s success. Whether it’s preparing Iowans for cutting-edge careers, fighting for education, improving healthcare and mental health access, or empowering our rural communities, Kim’s priorities are making a difference in all four corners of the state. Her vision keeps Iowans at the center of all decisions, especially in the area of fiscal responsibility. Kim knows that when Iowa taxpayers are able to keep more of their money, great things happen. She also believes in redemption. Kim’s justice reform initiatives carefully balance second chances with victim rights. As Governor, Kim’s strong voice for international trade, agriculture, and advanced manufacturing is opening new markets and maintaining relationships with leaders in China, Mexico, Canada, Israel, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Germany, Brazil and Argentina, to name just a few. Although she’s traveled the world telling Iowa’s story, Kim is still a small-town girl at heart with common-sense values. These principles are reflected in the Governor’s Empower Rural Iowa initiative and Future Ready Iowa. At age 57, Kim earned a bachelor’s degree from Iowa State University. Then, nearly two years later, on Nov. 4, 2018, she was elected by Iowans to become their first woman Governor. Family means everything to Kim and her husband, Kevin. They have three daughters (Jennifer, Nicole and Jessica) who are happily married, and Kim and Kevin love spending time with their 10 very active grandchildren.

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    This content provided by the Office of the Governor of Iowa, Kim Reynolds as a press release.

    Gov. Reynolds completes 99 County Tour

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    Mon, 11/23/2020 – 12:50

    Gov. Kim Reynolds recently completed this year’s 99 County Tour, taking the opportunity to visit and connect directly with Iowans in all corners of Iowa.  

    View a wrap up video here

    Governor Reynolds completed this year’s tour despite pausing her travels throughout March, April, May and for most of June. During that time, Governor Reynolds and much of her team worked out of the State Emergency Operation Center in response to the COVID19 Pandemic.  

    The annual tour is an opportunity for the governor to hear directly from Iowa families, farmers, small business owners, employees, community stakeholders, and members of the media in all corners of the state. Many of this year’s stops focused on various aspects of the state’s COVID19 response, conversations with small business owners affected by the pandemic as well as meeting with communities impacted by this year’s derecho. It continues to be a valuable perspective as we put together our agenda for the coming year.  

    This is Gov. Reynolds’ fourth 99 county tour as governor and eleventh since taking office in 2011 as Iowa’s lieutenant governor. Governor Reynolds and  Lt. Governor Adam Gregg travel to all 99 counties every year while in office.  

    This content provided by the Office of the Governor of Iowa, Kim Reynolds as a press release.

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