Heart & Soul Seeks Feedback on Muscatine
by Teresa Anderson
August 08, 2023

MUSCATINE, Iowa – Muscatine Heart and Soul has collected thousands of survey and interview responses in their quest to discover what people in Muscatine love about the community, but now they want to know more.

This information has been summarized in the following six Heart & Soul statements to begin the next phase – identifying action items. 

Businesses: We appreciate Muscatine for the business opportunities it offers from our global companies to locally owned one-of-a-kind businesses. Together they provide a strong employment environment and support entrepreneurial initiatives. The strong economic base provides the foundation for a giving and caring community.

 Education and Opportunities for Young People: We appreciate Muscatine for quality education choices at every stage of learning. Dedicated volunteers and professionals provide a variety of in school and out of school activities and programs, creating a solid foundation that contributes to the growth and longevity of the city. 

 People and Community: Muscatine is a welcoming, caring, and friendly community that is service-oriented and engaged. We form connections with other people in town to create a strong sense of community, and we have strong familial roots while still being welcoming to newcomers. 

 Size, Growth, and Opportunities: The size of Muscatine allows people to feel safe and connected to each other, while also having access to resources, activities and opportunities they need and want. Muscatine is a community always seeking to be a hometown for all residents.  

 Nature, Outdoors and the River: The Mississippi River is an important part of Muscatine’s identity. It provides recreation and scenic beauty. Residents enjoy a variety of activities along the river, in our parks, and on our trails. Muscatine is a healthier and happier place due to our access to nature and outdoor spaces.  

 Events and Things to Do: Muscatine cherishes its events, variety of activities and the facilities that make them possible. People of all ages are able to experience fun, engaging community opportunities.

A new survey has been created for residents to vote on if these statements sound like Muscatine or to provide additional feedback. To view and/or complete the survey go to: https://www.muscatineheartandsoul.org/statements-survey Then plan to join the conversation at one of the planned community meetings next week.

  • Sunday, August 13, at 2:00 p.m. at Musserville United Methodist Church, 1001 Oregon Street, Muscatine
  • Tuesday, August 15, Noon at Riverview Center, 110 Harbor Drive, Muscatine
  • Tuesday, August 15, 6 p.m. at Calvary Church, 501 West Bypass 61, Muscatine

These meetings are an opportunity for residents to identify action steps to build on the identified community assets, with light refreshments provided at the Sunday session and a meal provided at both Tuesday sessions.

Additional information on Muscatine Community Heart & Soul can be found at https://www.muscatineheartandsoul.org/, or on the City of Muscatine web site at Heart & Soul.


This content has been provided via a press release or other notification system to Discover Muscatine. It is being published as a resource for the Muscatine community. Our editorial staff reserves the right to make revisions or edits for correctness, clarity, or length. All questions regarding this content should be directed to the contributor, Muscatine Community Heart and Soul.

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