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    Hooping it Up: Purple and Gold Previews Muskie Basketball Season

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    With only about a month to go before high school basketball season begins, Muskie fans have started speculating about how their teams will do. At the October meeting of Purple and Gold on Thursday, October 17th, Susan Orvis and John Windham, the girls’ and boys’ basketball head coaches, respectively, shared their thoughts about the season ahead. Though both teams experienced challenging seasons last year, both coaches feel confident their teams will improve this year.

    As the Muskie girls’ basketball team begins their pre-season preparations, Orvis says she has seen her players build off the strengths they developed at the end of last season and believes they will come into their own this year. “I really like the maturity I’ve seen in the off season. The kids are just getting older, stronger, and more confident.”

    While the team will have to play without one of their star players, Alicia Garcia, Orvis says the large group of juniors on the team has already stepped up and started to find ways to use their talents to make up for Garcia’s absence. A team full of players whose skills and dedication blend well together, Orvis believes they will prove fierce competitors come November.

    Windham has seen similar drive from the boys’ basketball team. Over the spring and summer, his players have practiced regularly, and even hosted a six-team invitational at the end of June.

    Additionally, several junior and senior players had chances to compete in a tournament at Kansas City and at a showcase at Grandview University, further sharpening their skills and growing their confidence. Windham believes that all this preparation will put his team in a better position. “We’re moving in the right direction. . .. We’re going to be a lot better than we were last year,” he reassured fans.

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