I’ll Stick with White
by Mike Ruby
July 10, 2020

It’s interesting to follow the ebb and flow of popular colors, whether they are for clothes, appliances, cars, or home decorating. If we are patient enough, many of the colors will be in vogue again.

My parents did a total kitchen remodel in the early 1950s. The new refrigerator, dishwasher, and stove were white since colored appliances were still fairly uncommon. My conservative parents would not have taken the drastic step of purchasing colored appliances.

During our early years, Jo Anne and I lived in rental units, all furnished with aging white appliances. When we bought our first house in 1971, we scored a good deal on a used refrigerator and stove, both in coppertone. That was our first foray into owning trendy appliance colors. A few years later, we built a new home, and by then harvest gold was the popular color, so we obliged, not only with the appliances but also the bathroom fixtures.

When we moved to Muscatine, we purchased a home that needed considerable updating, including the avocado appliances in the outdated kitchen. Within a year, they were replaced with the trendy color, almond. The appliances were still there when we sold the house 18 years later.

When we moved to our present home in 1996, we decided to stick with basic white kitchen appliances as we’ve replaced them one at a time as needed. Yes, the longtime popular stainless steel is still chic, and it sounds like bronze may be the upcoming trendy appliance color, but clean, crisp white suits us just fine.

It’s interesting to follow the color trends for automobiles. According to one source, over 40% of cars sold in the USA are either black or white, which has been the case for decades. Silver continues to be popular, and is preferred by 33% of buyers today. Farther down the list is red and blue, but blue is gaining popularity. For 20 years, I drove a beige colored car and never got tired of it, but research shows less than 1% of car purchasers choose beige. For my next car, I’ll probably go with white. That way the car and kitchen appliances will match.

What trendy colors in appliances and cars have you owned?

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