I’m Not a Runner

At this point, you’re well aware of the fact that I am not a runner. I probably should be, as it would certainly speed up my weight loss journey. It’s just not something I have ever enjoyed. I do love being outside, going on walks, and trying to keep up with my children while at the park (or just in general).

When I see people running in various places around town, I always have a moment when I say to myself, “I should really start running,” but then I don’t. I’d much rather use the elliptical machine at places like the Muscatine Community YMCA before I would get on a treadmill. Pre-pandemic, I could easily do 2-5 miles on the aforementioned elliptical and burn a ton of calories and feel pretty darn good about myself.

This has all been a giant lead-in to me taking the time in this space to promote the upcoming Race for the Schools connected to the Muscatine Community School District. This event is for everyone including runners and folks like myself that enjoy walking and even power-walking (I still at times will walk quickly; I chalk that up to my two-and-a half-years working at Hy-Vee).

This year’s race will be a virtual one that runs between April 23rd to May 1st. A virtual race allows you to complete it on your own or with your family and friends. You’re able to use the original route or create your own! Remember a few years back when people would spell things out while running and tracking it via Apple or Google Maps? Maybe you could spell your own name while taking part in the Race for the Schools. Bonus points if you spell Tony Tone.

The race supports the school district’s physical education and wellness programs, and I hope you’ll jump (not literally) online to register at MuscatineRacefortheSchools.org The website is full of additional information including cost, scholarship opportunities, and much more.

I should clarify that this race is for everyone, not just MCSD students, staff, and their families. I’ve signed up my boys (but haven’t told them yet, surprise Henry and Theo!) and I hope you’ll consider doing the same.

Back to my health. I’m a work in progress. I really hit the reset button hard on March 1 and had seemingly instantly dropped 15 pounds. I’m happy to have maintained my weight since that loss and continue to work to stay active.

I never thought I would be an Apple Watch person, but do I love this thing! I look forward to “closing the loops” (taking x amount of steps per day, burning x amount of calories, and being active for x amount of time). At the time of writing this column, I’ve hit 91 consecutive days of hitting my daily calorie burn amount. I’m still overweight, but I’m happy and I know that I can (and will) continue to get better.

Does it make me a runner given the number of times I’ve had to chase after our puppy, Doc, because my daughter, Lucy, let him out? If you’re playing along at home, that’s happened eight times in the past 48 hours. Maybe I am a runner after all. Lookout Olympics, I’m coming to win gold in the Big and Tall Games!