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    It’s a Wrap: Muscatine Wins It’s in the Water Contest

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    When Muscatine takes up a challenge, residents do not back down. When the Iowa Finance Authority announced the 2019 It’s in the Water video contest, the people of Muscatine, along with their friends and family elsewhere, came together to win it. Now, Muscatine will get a brand-new water tower wrap, showing off the community’s pride in a whole new way.

    In August at the Iowa State Fair, Governor Kim Reynolds first announced the contest. Soon after, the Iowa Finance Authority released the details of the contest, outlining that participating cities needed to create a video showing why water matters and plays a role in their community. To win, cities had to get the most votes for their video with people allowed to vote daily from October 1st through 11th.

    Muscatine quickly stepped up to make winning the contest possible. Muscatine Power and Water (MP&W) took the lead, creating the video “Immerse Yourself in Muscatine,” and with the help and guidance of many organizations throughout the community including the City of Muscatine, the Greater Muscatine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Keep Muscatine Beautiful, the Muscatine County Conservation Board, the National Pearl Button Museum @ History and Industry Center, the Muscatine Fire Department, and the Muscatine Community School District, produced their video. It included many unique shots of Muscatine and quotations from area residents of all ages, helping it stand out among the many videos submitted. Each of these organizations also worked hard to promote the video, making sure the community knew when and where to vote.

    Residents and their networks of friends and family everywhere then took up the challenge and made a point to vote as much as possible. By the end of the competition, Muscatine racked up an impressive 8,987 votes far ahead of second place Arnold’s Park (with 6,671 votes) and third place Colefax (with 6,159). Erika Cox, MP&W Director of Customer and Technology Experience, summed it up best. “We’re very appreciative of the support from people near and far to help push (and keep!) Muscatine to the top of the leaderboard and be selected the winner! It was fun to watch support for the Muscatine video grow organically, to see local engagement, and see votes from friends and family from all over the country who still hold a soft spot for Muscatine.”

    In the weeks to come, the Iowa Finance Authority will work with MP&W on the design and logistics of having the new water tower wrap installed. Artist Laura Palmer will work with MP&W to create a look for the water tower that reflects Muscatine’s community pride.

    For Palmer, this will prove an enjoyable task—the daughter of the water tower’s original painter, she grew up in Muscatine. “We’re excited to work with artist Laura Palmer to create a one-of-a-kind design for our water tower that will be seen by thousands of people as they drive the Bypass,” said Cox. “She has a unique style, and it could make for a very memorable design!”

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