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Jaime Kroeger new Muscatine CSD Director of Human Resources

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MUSCATINE, Iowa—Following the departure of previous Director of Human Resources and Equity Jill Bourquin, Muscatine Community School District has hired Jaime Kroeger to fill the position. Kroeger brings with her 17 years of human resources experience and a desire to continue moving Muscatine Community School District forward.

After graduating from Augustana College with a bachelor’s degree in German and political science and working in retail, Kroeger accepted an entry level human resources job with Davenport Community School District. Kroeger found herself well suited to the position and worked her way up through numerous different positions over her 17-year tenure with the district. “I quickly picked up on processes and found myself enjoying the work, which prompted me to move up and through every position in the department including administrative assistant, generalist, specialist, and interim director for a brief stint,” she shared. Kroeger also received a master’s degree in human resources management from Saint Mary’s University.

As Kroeger begins her career with Muscatine Community School District, she looks forward to putting her experience to use to help the district to continue to work through challenges as they arise and to provide the best possible environment for faculty, staff, and administrators. “A lot of what HR does and has to do in a public school district is much the same from one to another, so I feel my 17+ years at DCSD in HR will create a somewhat seamless transition to MCSD,” she said: “In addition, all of my years in public sector education in Iowa allows me a unique perspective on the needs, challenges, and opportunities facing Muscatine Schools that someone outside of education may not have. The intricacies of school law can be challenging to navigate for experienced educators, so having someone in HR with that foundation is paramount to success.”

In the weeks ahead, Kroeger intends to get to know the district’s staff, the different schools, and the community better to help her understand how she can help and assist them. Ultimately, she aims to use her skills to make sure that the districts human resource policies remain compliant with state and federal laws and that all personnel have access to the programs and services they need to thrive. She stated, “My role here is to support the work our district leaders and staff already have in place and to make sure our district maintains its high level of compliance as well as recruitability for the future.”

A longtime resident of the Quad Cities, Kroeger welcomed the opportunity to come work for Muscatine Community School District. “I currently live on the westside of Davenport, so I’m fairly familiar with Muscatine already, and I find the community and culture here to be so welcoming that when this position opened up it was a simple decision for me to apply,” she elaborated. “Muscatine continues to transform itself into a destination city in eastern Iowa, and I’m just proud to be a small part of that.”

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