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Joe Biden Makes Final Caucus Push at Riverview Center

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Margaret Stadtwald
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MUSCATINE, Iowa—Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden paid a second visit to Muscatine. Speaking at the Riverview Center on Jan. 28, Biden made a final push to win local support.

Biden worked to appeal to the crowd by emphasizing his ability to bring consensus. He stressed that this trait would help him win over voters across the country and get issues resolved once he became president.

After his speech, which touched on plans for addressing climate change, reforming healthcare, and reducing gun violence, Biden allowed for a handful of audience questions. These allowed him to go into more depth on several key issues.

Biden went into detail on his international policy plans in response to one question. He explained that, if elected president, he would contact world leaders to assure them that the United States would play an active role in global affairs, and to let allies know he intends to work with them.

Additionally, Biden would work to remove combat troops from Afghanistan, replacing them with smaller, specialized forces focused on preventing global terrorism. “I’m very much opposed to keeping combat troops in Afghanistan,” Biden said. “What we should be doing is having small groups of special forces there to keep terrorist organizations from getting a foothold to attack America.”

In addition to international affairs, Biden also gave an in-depth answer to a question about promoting equal education opportunities. Biden pledged that if elected, he would dedicate $45 billion to Title I schools. The additional funding would go to raising teacher salaries, providing three and four-year-old preschool and kindergarten for all students, and doubling the number of school nurses and psychologists serving students. Biden considered supporting such schools and the students they serve imperative. “They’re the kite strings that lift our national ambitions aloft,” he asserted.

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