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    John Delaney Makes Final Stop in Muscatine Before Caucuses

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    MUSCATINE, Iowa-Concluding a busy season of campaigning, which included two previous stops in Muscatine in the past two months, presidential candidate John Delaney returned to the Muscatine Family Restaurant one final time, four days ahead of the Iowa Caucuses. On Jan. 30, Delaney spoke with a small group of local Democratic leaders and the media about what the Iowa Caucuses will mean for his campaign.

    Delaney frankly admitted that his performance in the caucuses would determine if he would continue running. At the time, Delaney had significantly lower poll numbers than other candidates. However, he felt he had more support than current poll numbers indicate. “I think I’ve got more support in many ways than those polls reflect,” he said. “I’ve spent a lot of time in Muscatine, and I’ve met with a lot of voters. I feel the caucuses reward people who do the work in Iowa,” he added.

    In particular, Delaney felt undecided caucus goers would ultimately support him for, “laser-like focus on communities that are struggling.” He emphasized his commitment to helping small towns succeed and attract entrepreneurs and detailed plans to do so resonated with many rural voters he spoke to.

    Along with helping rural areas thrive, Delaney thought his commonsense approach to politics would appeal to many voters. “I think someone like myself who is a real problem solver is, I think, what they think we need,” he stressed.

    Finally, Delaney thought his dedication to providing universal healthcare would matter to voters. Delaney advocated for having public healthcare plans available to all with the option to opt into a private or employer provided health plan instead.

    In the end, Delaney trusted the future of his presidential bid to voters across Iowa. “It starts and ends with doing better than expected in Iowa,” he asserted.

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