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    Kelcey Brackett

    Office Sought: Iowa State Representative #91

    Political Party: Democrat

    Candidate Email: [email protected]

    Candidate Website: https://kelceybrackett.org/

    Campaign Committee: Kelcey Brackett for Iowa House 91

    Educational Background

    NameCityStateYearsDiploma/Degree Earned
    Dubuque Senior High SchoolDubuqueIowa4Diploma

    Employment History

    EmployerJob TitleStart DateEnd DateBrief Job Description
    Stanley ConsultantsSr Network AnalystNetwork and Systems Administration

    Endorsements Received

    OrganizationDateContact Name
    Iowa Federation of Labor AFL-CIO4/29/2020Ken Sagar
    Iowa State Education Association6/24/2020Mike Beranek
    Tri-City Building Trades Council6/23/2020Jerry Lack
    Barack Obama9/25/2020

    Why are you running for election?

    We need leaders in the state legislature who are willing to work for all Iowans. I will be a leader who knows the importance of working across party lines to improve the lives of everyone in our district as well as our state. What we have now isn’t working everyone, I will be a voice of reason instead of division.

    What are the 3 most important issues facing your office over the next term?

    IssueWhy is this important?How will you address this issue?
    EducationIowa has fallen from our place as one of the top in the nation for K-12 public education, leaving out children unprepared for what comes next.I will work to increase funding to schools to match or exceed inflation, provide flexibility to local districts to they can implement what works best for them.
    HealthcareIowans need access to healthcare and should not be excluded due to pre-existing conditionsI will fight to protect coverage for pre-existing conditions as well as look for ways that we can increase access to healthcare services in districts like ours who are losing providers.
    Public SafetySafe communities are successful communities.I will work to make sure our police and fire departments are properly funded and able to provide the education to their staff that gives them the best tools possible to serve the public.

    What are the 3 most important issues facing Muscatine County over the next term?

    ssueWhy is this important?How will you address this issue? (if applicable)
    EducationDistricts that suffer from low school ratings do not attract new residents and do not prepare their youth for success.Fixing this issue will require additional funding to catch up from a number of years of under-funding, we also need to make sure that school districts are not hampered by unnecessary red-tape that prevents them from providing the best solutions.
    HealthcareMuscatine is losing providers, making it necessary to travel 45 minutes or more for many issues.This issue can be addressed by finding incentives to providers to keep their services in communities like Muscatine.
    InfrastuctureLack of funding has prevented us from keeping up our roads and bridges at the levels we need. This causes both businesses and residents to spend more on vehicle repairs.I will work to identify areas where the state is wasting money that can be redirected to infrastructure.

    What is the most important thing you would like voters to know about you that they may not?

    With the division we have seen sweep our nation, I want voters to understand that I am committed to working across the aisle to find common sense solutions that benefit all Iowans, regardless of political affiliation. During my time on the Muscatine City Council I have shown that the best interests of those I represent comes before any political ideology.

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