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    Krieger Auto Group marks 65 years in Muscatine

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    MUSCATINE, Iowa–Though Krieger Auto Group may have celebrated their 65th anniversary this year, the Krieger family has worked in the car business for nearly 100 years. In 1932, Joseph Krieger and Charles Henderson went into business as partners operating Henderson’s Garage. Together, they sold Cadillac, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, and Pontiac cars in downtown Muscatine, not far from the present day location of the Merrill Hotel. When Henderson and Krieger found they needed to sell their Chevrolets out of a separate location, they built a second showroom on the corner of Sycamore Street and Mississippi Drive. The showroom still stands and currently shows off a variety of specialty cars.

    In 1950 Marvin Krieger joined Henderson’s Garage. When the financial pressures of operating two locations grew too great to bear, the Krieger’s worked out a separation agreement with Henderson Garage, allowing them to continue selling Cadillacs and Pontiacs while the garage retained the other brands. In 1956, Joseph and Marvin Krieger opened Krieger Motor Company.

    As Krieger Motor Company continued to grow they added additional brands, including Buick, Chevrolet, and GMC, and dropped Pontiac and Oldsmobile after General Motors stopped making them. In 1967, Joseph Krieger purchased Muscatine’s Ford dealership and first his nephew-in-law, Marlin Schauland, and then Mark Krieger ran the dealership. After building a new dealership for it at the corner of Highways 38 and 61 in the late 80s, Mark Krieger and his brother, Douglas, decided to incorporate all of their holdings into a single company, Krieger Auto Group.

    Today, Krieger’s continues to operate as a full service dealership offering sales and service for numerous brands. They also run one of the area’s largest body shops, which received ICAR Gold Certification, an honor held by fewer than 20% of collision repair shops nationwide.

    As someone who has been with Krieger’s since the very beginning, Marvin Krieger has enjoyed having the opportunity to work with many different people as the business grew. He shared. “in working at Krieger’s some 65 years, I have enjoyed working with all employees over the years,” adding, “meeting and greeting the customers daily has been memorable.” Marvin Krieger also takes pride in the many awards Krieger’s has earned, including getting recognized as one of the top two Cadillac dealers in the state.

    Looking back over 65 years of progress, Marvin Krieger feels pleased at how far the company has come and looks forward to a bright future for it. “I am so pleased to celebrate the 65th anniversary and still being alive to see it and be part of it,” he shared: “I am blessed John and Joe Krieger have now assumed management of the dealership. There are many changes coming in the auto industry–I have hope we can continue for another 65 years!”

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