Late to the Dog Park Party
by Tony Tone
August 05, 2019

This will not be the last time I’m late to the party on something in Muscatine County. August marks seven years that I have called Muscatine my home. Last Tuesday, July 30th, we finally registered and took our dog, Archie, to the fantastic Muscatine Dog Park.

I’ve been a dog person my entire life. Growing up, we had two golden retrievers, ‘Sandy’ and later Zoey. I’ve also experienced dog parks in other cities and really, truly enjoyed them.

Keep in mind, that over the years, I have interviewed the likes of Peggy Gordon (who was one of the people working hard to make the dog park a reality) and knew when it finally opened up. What could have taken us this long to register our four-legged friend and let him have fun? I’m blaming it on life, having another baby, and moving, all within the past ten months.

The moment that Archie realized he was off his leash is one that I’ll remember. He began sprinting all across the Small Dog portion of the dog park and was so happy. My oldest son, Henry, was equally as excited and tried his best to keep up with Archie. Quite frankly, I think Henry would have stayed longer than Archie, who was tired by his second lap around the park.

If you find yourself with a four-legged friend in Muscatine County, I implore you to take them to the dog park. The annual fee is only $15, with the daily fee costing $5. I was able to register Archie from my smartphone in a matter of minutes. Don’t let the fee structure be a concern, because you have to remember that a dog park is not for everyone. I’m comfortable and more than happy to pay the $15 for an incredible amenity, which is precisely what our dog park is. Honestly, for how nice the dog park is, I would have been happy to pay $20! Think about it, as folks take jobs in Muscatine and decide whether or not to live here, amenities like a dog park could help their decision. It may sound far-fetched but, for folks that own and love their dogs it is a big deal. Before the Muscatine Dog Park opened, you’d have to drive to either the Quad Cities or Iowa City for the nearest dog park.

Now, there are other requirements, like ensuring your dog is up to date on their rabies shots and are registered. You can find all of that information, including the online registration, at

As much fun as your dog will have, I promise the social aspect for us humans is equally beneficial. In our very first visit I found myself chatting with another dog owner and realizing we had mutual friends. We’ll see you at the dog park soon, and I’ll apologize in advance for my overzealous Archie, who is still the new dog at the park.

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