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Let Them Bounce

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Tony Tone
Tony Tone
Tony Tone has worked as a radio personality in Muscatine and the Quad Cities since 2006. He currently stars in the Hy-Vee Today show, serves as the store's Marketing and Merchandising Director, and writes Talk of the Town with Tony Tone for the Discover Muscatine newspaper.

 Can we all agree that was the longest winter break ever?! Towards the end, we thought school was never going to start back up again here in Muscatine. 

My family had high hopes for the holidays only to have them thwarted by RSV, influenza b, strep throat, and runny noses.  Folks I’m talking nearly 14 days straight of one of our kids being sick. We canceled a trip to Chicago to see my dad (a retired Chicago cop) and my family.

My wife is a saint for holding it all together through multiple trips to Unity Point Health Express Care, Hy-Vee pharmacy, and yes, even the emergency room. So, when the light at the end of the tunnel finally showed up, we embraced it.

Yes, we have a bounce house in the basement of our house. No, we are not rich so don’t even think that for a second (granted, I’d take a bag full of cash or the winning Power Ball numbers any day). Santa brought the kids the bounce house, and we all know that he can find good deals even on things like bounce houses.

When the revolving sickness door closed, all three kids, Henry, Theodore, and Lucy, took great joy in bouncing in the aforementioned house. They truly enjoyed it, for approximately 120 seconds before the boys started well, being boys (fighting). I should tell you that this wasn’t the first-time playtime has ended in tears nor do I think it will be the last.

I don’t want to rush my kids to grow up. I have conversations at work with people all the time that go, “I know it’s wild but enjoy it while they’re young.” Often times, I brush that off or say things like, “I can’t wait until they’re older,” but I don’t mean it. If anything, I’m terrified of what the world will look like as they continue to grow up. So, for now, we will continue to let them bounce and fight, and yell while the baby is trying to sleep (that’s literally happening as I’m writing this column, true story).

Parenting has surprised me in so many ways, My wife and I can often only laugh it off when things start to go sideways. I’d love to hear your parenting stories. You can always email me personally at, [email protected].

I should also mention that my wife, Kasey, and I will be starting a parenting podcast very soon, sharing stories from raising three kids and much more. You’ll be able to listen to that on your phone, tablet, Alexa, etc. We are really excited to roll the podcast out! Lord knows these little people will continue to do things worth sharing with all of you. Also, if anyone has any secret to getting a seven and five-year-old to go to sleep in under 90 minutes let me know. 


Tony “Tired” Tone

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