Life Connections to Offer Adaptive Behavioral Analysis

Margaret Hurlbert
Margaret Hurlbert
Margaret Hurlbert works as the Editor of Discover Muscatine Newspaper.

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MUSCATINE, Iowa—This year, Life Connections in Muscatine will begin offering Adaptive Behavioral Analysis (ABA), a therapy frequently used to help children with autism overcome challenges by building beneficial habits. Alyssa Hennings, CEO of Behavioral Health, looks forward to providing this new service and believes it will benefit many families.

Life Connections offers ABA as either a home or school-based therapy for children between the ages of three and 12. Hennings stressed that ABA works best as an early intervention, and that providing it to children in this age range shows strong results. ABA therapy includes using positive reinforcement strategies to help children develop necessary skills as well as ways parents can help their children recognize and predict other people’s behaviors. ABA therapists also collect data during each session to track progress towards goals and to determine ways to make each session more effective.

As Life Connections begins offering ABA, Hennings looks forward to using it to benefit the community. Hennings considers, “having the opportunity to engage more with the community and offering parents a service they didn’t have in the past that can help their kiddos grow and thrive even more,” the best part of offering this new service.

Hennings shared that any child between the ages of three and 12 with an autism diagnosis can receive this kind of therapy. To set up an appointment to see if ABA could benefit your child, Hennings encourages you to email Life Connections directly at [email protected] or to call Kelly Peak at (563)-554-3166.

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