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    Living History: Marcella Schnedler

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    There is no higher calling, no greater purpose than that of a caregiver. Somehow, we’ve come to believe that caregiving is just for some of us and not all of us. Yet at our core, we are all made to love, to connect, to extend ourselves in service of others. The question is ... do we have the will to love, to do what it takes, to risk ourselves in caring, even when the burden is great? In times of happiness, in times of sadness - we are that caregiver.

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    Born in Wilton in 1924, Marcella Schnedler spent much of her youth living in rural Muscatine near Wild Cat Den State Park after her father took a job as a county maintainer, attending to county roads. She went to school at a nearby one room school house.

    In 1948, Schnedler married her husband, Harry Schnedler, and the couple moved to Pine Street in Muscatine before building a house on Roscoe. Together they raised three daughters, two of whom still live in Muscatine and one who moved to Albion.

    After working for a button company on Mulberry Avenue, Schnedler became the head cook for Colorado and Franklin Elementary Schools. Schnedler enjoyed the company of her coworkers very much and loved getting to see the students every day.

    Between raising her children and working, Schnedler kept very busy. “I would no more get home from work and have to start in with dinner, get the girls ready for bed, and start all over the next morning,” she recalls.

    However, she and her family still found time to have fun when they visited their cabin on the Mississippi River when her husband had time off from Alcoa. Schnedler made some of her fondest memories at the cabin and though it took some doing, she liked helping her husband get the fish he caught ready to sell. She and her husband also liked to go dancing in Davenport or Stockton when they had the chance.

    When Schnedler’s parents became elderly and moved into a nursing home, she made a point of visiting them daily, even if only for a short time. Now, her daughters visit her regularly at Bickford. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Schnedler’s daughters would take her to mass at Saints Mary and Mathias Catholic Church, where they attended growing up. Even though Schnedler cannot go out right now, she still has fun doing window visits with her children.

    Schnedler never expected to move to an assisted living facility, but enjoys living at Bickford very much. “Everyone is friendly and the food is really good–I have everything I need here,” she said.

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