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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

    L&M girls bowling five time champions, boys also take first

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    LETTS, Iowa–A force to reckon with, the Louisa-Muscatine girls bowling team has shown their dominance once again by winning the class 1A state championship for a fifth year in a row. The boys team, which earned second place last year, has started what may grow into a streak of their own by winning their state championship as well.

    The Louisa-Muscatine 2021 girls bowling team celebrating their fifth state championship in as many years.

    In the baker round of the tournament, in which team members bowl together in the same game rather than individually, the girls racked up an impressive 1,130 pins, a team record. Finishing the day with an overall score of 3,097, the team thoroughly defeated second place Camanche by an impressive 73 points.

    Individually, three L&M girls broke the top 10. They included Lily Fischer, Hannah Andersen, and Madisyn Gerot.

    The Louisa-Muscatine boys bowling team celebrating the 2021 state championship win.

    The boys had an equally good outing. Breaking their current record for the baker round as well, the boys knocked down a combined 3,414 pins. Coming in 63 points ahead of Camanche as well, they took home their first championship in some time and may well have started a winning tradition of their own.

    Along with having an outstanding team performance, several individual boys distinguished themselves as well. Levi Staley, Allen Stauffer, Maison Gerdts, and Keaten Bieri all placed within the top 10 individually.

    Reflecting back on their successful seasons, coach Al Jordan commended all of L&M’s bowlers on their success. “Their goal from the first day of practice was to go to the state tournament,” he said. “The theme for the year was one team one dream, and they fulfilled it.”

    Throughout the season, Jordan also found that all of L&M’s bowlers demonstrated a high level of sportsmanship and comradery. Though the girls won Monday, Feb. 22 and the boys Feb. 24, each team came out to watch the other bowl. “They’re a great group of kids and they get along–they’re a pleasure to be around,” shared Jordan.

    Though bowlers Madisyn Gerot and Clair Wilson will both graduate this spring, the rest of both the boys and girls bowling teams have several more years of high school ahead of them. Jordan looks forward to the opportunities these players will have to keep making a name for themselves and L&M bowling.

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