Make it Muscatine: Pearl City Media

MUSCATINE, Iowa–Everyday, residents across Muscatine County see ads online, on TV, in print media, in their mailbox, and hear them over the radio. Owners of businesses both large and small oftentimes find themselves wondering which route would work best for them. Opened in 2019, Pearl City Media strives to help businesses fluently navigate all their marketing options with a local touch. “Our team works with businesses of all sizes to provide customized marketing and business solutions that help our clients meet their goals and find success,” explained Director of Operations Sarah Connors.

Pearl City Media offers a full suite of marketing services, including commercial and video development, digital advertising, traditional media (such as print advertising, printed materials like flyers, and every door direct mailings), and website development.

To help clients select the marketing route most effective for them, Pearl City Media also specializes in marketing strategy. Through a series of one on one meetings, Pearl City Media can help business owners determine the outcomes they would like to see from their marketing, explore solutions that could help them reach those goals, evaluate how their chosen strategies have worked, and continue to adjust their plans to remain successful.

Along with providing the community with marketing services, Pearl City Media also produces the Muscatine Today Show, filmed locally at Hy-Vee, and publishes Discover Muscatine Newspaper and its corresponding website. Together, these resources make Pearl City Media the largest locally owned source of news and local interest content in the county. “Pearl City Media is the only team in town that can provide full-service marketing solutions and exclusive access to Discover Muscatine” emphasized Connors.

In marketing, successful collaboration and communication lead to the best outcome for clients. Pearl City Media chose to join the Greater Muscatine Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 2020 both to get the word out about the many services they offer and to help promote collaboration and positive outcomes for businesses throughout Muscatine County. “We appreciate the opportunity to partner with another organization that promotes the Muscatine community,” Connors shared.

Located in the heart of downtown at 215 East Second Street, Muscatine, Pearl City Media has a dedicated team of professionals ready to help you with all of your marketing needs. “As someone who is not originally from Muscatine, I have really enjoyed our team’s close-knit relationship and commitment to the Muscatine County community,” said Connors. “We love being a part of how the Muscatine community comes together to solve problems.”

Whether your business needs something as simple as well designed business cards or as complex as a multiplatform marketing strategy, Pearl City Media looks forward to assisting you in reaching your goals. If you would like to speak with them about improving your marketing strategy, Connors encourages you to call them at 563-744-5070 or to email [email protected]